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  2006 Preseason Private District Previews

Division I  11-Man Division I  6-Man
District 1 District 1
District 2 District 2
District 3 District 3
  District 4
Division II  11-Man District 5
District 1
District 2 Division II  6-Man
District 3 District 1
District 4 District 2
  District 3
Division III  11-Man District 4
District 1 District 5
District 2
District 3 T-CAL
District 4 T-CAL South
  T-CAL North
Division IV  11-Man
District 1 TCASF
District 2 TCASF - 1
District 3 TCASF - 2
District 4
  6-Man Independents
SPC Division I & 2 6-Man Ind.
SPC Div. I Outlaw teams
SPC Div. II Charter/Non UIL
Home School
11-Man Independents  
11-Man Ind.