2014 Texas High School Ratings
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Get your Premium Membership to the 2014 edition of Pigskin Prep. Over 500 pages updated weekly for 18 weeks that includes the in-depth Preseason Package and the Final Season Package. You will get over 7,750 pages of updates throughout the year for about 1 cent a page. The site and message board will continue to be free along with the schedules updated before the season starts and weekly scores, but all new preseason and weekly updates will require premium access membership like the sample links below. I will also provide a weekly newsletter for those who like to receive a newsletter weekly by email, but this will be separate from the premium access. With other sites charging 96 to 126 dollars for 17 weeks of a 7 to 9 page newsletter, and others charging 90 to 120 dollars a year for premium access for articles and previews, I feel what I have to offer you is a great deal and will only get better as the site grows.

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